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WOW. Oh WowZa! WHAT A MAGNIFICENT LIFE THIS IS! First blog post! There is so much to talk about, but I will keep it short and sweet. I’m so happy to be doing this.

Why Nnamdi? Why do this? Why start a record label? Why do anything? We are just going to die?

How right you are! So why not do as much dope shit as you can while we’re alive? I’m passionate about music and the effect it has on people’s lives.  Many of us bear witness to the positive impact of music on on a regular basis. But recently, I experienced the power of music in my own life in an unprecedented and transformative way. This experience was not the initial motivation for the label, but it was the singular moment that I knew music is what I should be doing.

I came home from my first European tour, jet-lagged and smellier than a Mo-Fo. I arrived to a house filled with friends. Those goons sat me down and put on an album of covers of my own songs that they had all worked so hard on for a very long time. They made the record for my birthday, and surprised me with it. The album is called: We Gotchu: A Pluntooberous Tribute To The Zugooberant Boy Nalmdy With The Grimey Cheese Teeth By A Pre-Scrubursculant Craggle Of Blungübboral Goons!! The idea for the present came from one of my bestest buds in the entire universe, Ian Sutherland.

1. cover

The experience had an overwhelming impact on me:

nnamdi cry

I’ve never experienced love like I felt that day. It’s not everyday that your friends gather happily to shower you with love (and deviled eggs) and then give you a 17-song cover album of your own music. Listening to these songs is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I know you all have those special songs that make you feel “Some Type of Way” (TM Rich Homie Quan). Whether they remind you of that time you went on a road trip with friends, or the first person you dated, we can always count on music to be there; enhancing whatever emotion and experience we are currently being overcome with. Sometimes the music defines the moment. Sometimes it is the moment.

I would like people to be able to hear the record that made me feel so special, and so I am putting it up for free on Sooper. I had no idea this was going to happen. It was never part of the plan for the label, but I cannot think of any better way to kick it off. We are launching early to make this record available prior to our scheduled release of Man Without a Head on June 15, 2016. If you feel like contributing for the download, please donate to one of the following charitable organizations: (1) Intonation Music; (2) Girls Rock! Chicago; (3) The Sean P. Murphy Foundation; and/or (4) Street-Level Youth Media.

I hope that this record, and everything we put out, might enhance your encounters and impact your life in a positive way. I know it has mine.

Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.




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