Anthony’s Anthology

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Album :

Anthony’s Anthology

Release Date :

October 13, 2017

Album Description:

“Anthony Fremont’s Garden Solutions: Anthology” is a double cassette album comprised of two EPs (“Anthony Fremont’s Good Life” and “Anthony Fremont’s American Dream”). The cassette album includes two cassette tapes (pink and green shells, respectively) with professionally imprinted black art on the shells. The cassettes come packaged and inset in a white plastic cassette album box with openable door, including a clear external art trap with full color artwork for covers and spine. The album also includes a multiple page insert containing lyrics, credits, and original Anthony Fremont artwork by artist Mae Vitali.

Production Credits:

All music composed and arranged by Marcus Drake

Both EPs engineered, mixed, and mastered by Nate Amos

Artwork by Mae Vitali


Performances by:

Marcus Drake as Anthony Fremont  (vocals, guitar)

Nate Amos as bass

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya as drums

Seth Engel¬† as guitar (on “Anthony Fremont’s American Dream” only)

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