We Gotchu

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Artist :

Goon Squad

Album :

We Gotchu: A Pluntooberous Tribute To The Zugooberant Boy Nalmdy With The Grimey Cheese Teeth By A Pre-Scrubursculant Craggle Of Blungübboral Goons!!

Release Date :

June 06, 2016

Album Description:

Secret Happy Birthday Nnamdi Tribute Album.

If you feel like contributing for the record, we strongly encourage you to donate to one of the following charitable organizations: (1) Intonation Music; (2) Girls Rock! Chicago; (3) The Sean P. Murphy Foundation and/or (4) Street-Level Youth Media.

Production Credits:

Produced by multiple people in multiple places. Thanks to Seth Engel for donating his time and engineering.

Cover Art by Jay Rollins.

Mastered by Nate Amos.

Master Minded by King Goon Ian “Uncle Ghost” Sutherland

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